Updated to do list

–          Memorise ALL line

–          Script Bec’s “war” scene

–          Script and block “waste” scene (maybe)

–          Script and block “Famine” scene


–          Go over robe transitions

–          Review slideshow

–          Correct, edit and time any music and add cues for Gabby Stokes in the lighting box

–          Go over EVERY stunt/trick/slip and safe proof it

–          Go over stimulus and check we have ticked every single box for the requirements.

__ Maddy


Updated Death script and end scene

Death walks forward

And look at you. Standing mighty the human race. Out to declare a war against the earth itself.

You fear pestilence, famine and battle but when the sick and starved have fallen and the battalions retreat what have you to fear but the inevitable truth of ME. DEATH!

Don’t look so surprised, we warned you,

Ensemble members form a v shape standing with their heads down in a strong position

 Written in ancient scriptures it talks of chaos being unleased upon the earth and we have been bleeding our way into your world ever since.  During this scene ensemble members yell historical events out over the top of the main speaker that relate to each topic. When a country suffers drought, there’s no food, when you have no faith and question your religion famine is watching over you.  And when depression and anxiety rests on your soul and your skin bubbles over with infection pestilence has invested you. When there is political debate, or genocide or you rage a glorious terror on another, War is placed in your heart. This time instead of historical events being called out the names of peoples loved ones will be. And when life has exhausted your frail bodies, I’ll pull red from inside of you, casting my shadow across your soul feeding on the potential you had and the opportunities you wasted. I will take your loved ones and I will take you. As death says this we play out the scene where death kills everyone, only this time she pulls the red fabric from your neck and you stand still holding your own neck like we did at the very start before we fell down and you wait until the last stage direction below.

 Still holding neck So don’t say we didn’t warn you, you have done this to yourselves! Climate change warned you of the end, that the earth was in danger but instead you chose to repel

Death takes it all. I win death crosses fists and pull them out again ensemble falls to the floor. 



Am amazed our ensemble caught up Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,  Friday and Saturday! 

Good movie we watched last night (horror movie about the four horsemen) 
– Maddy