Ensemble lines

these are the parts the ensemble will say at the end of each horsemen’s line

famine: http://listverse.com/2013/04/10/10-terrible-famines-in-history/   

. When a country suffers drought, there’s no food, when you have no faith and question your religion famine is watching over you.  

  • Great Chinese Famine 43 million dead
  • Soviet Famine of 1932-1933 10 million dead
  • The Bengal Famine of 1770 10 million dead
And when depression and anxiety rests on your soul and your skin bubbles over with infection pestilence has invested you
  • malariaBubonic Plague 250 Million Europeans Dead (1/3 population)
  •  Malaria 2.7 Million Deaths per year-2800 children per day
  • and The Black Death 75 million Deaths

Then for War: http://listdose.com/top-10-worst-wars-in-human-history-2/

When there is political debate, or genocide or you rage a glorious terror on another, War is placed in your heart

  •  Muslim conquests of India 80 Million deaths
  • World War II 85 Million deaths
  • The Mongol Conquest 60 Million deaths with 1,00,000 Chinese committed mass suicides.


– Maddy


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