Famine scene scripting

Famine is an increasing problem for many parts of South Africa. More than half a million people suffer from malnutrition in South Africa. At least 700 children under 5 die each day from malnutrition. By next year, aproximately 900,000 children could die from famine. UNICEF’s immediate goal is to treat more than 150,000 severely malnourished children under five. It’s not just a famine from food though… What happens when you lose faith? Lose touch with society? If we feel like there isn’t any point for us. We feel like if we just leave, no one will remember who we were, or why we were here. What even is our purpose on this earth. Why are we here?

Whilst saying this speech, Maddy, Rebecca and Jonika starts to walk around looking confused and lost, gradually building to a climax, when they all start running franticly around me.

If we just stop everything.

On “stop”, everyone freezes around me, staring into space.

So we can sit back and watch our lives pass by us. Will anyone ever stop to remember.

 It’s up to us to change this growing disaster, not the rest of the world. Don’t let famine take control. 

– Bridget


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