Scene idea

Ok, so this is from what Maddy, Rebecca and myself talked about on Saturday afternoon. This is a list of useless man made things or things people take for granted:

  • Phones
    • How often do we get a new phone now?
  • Deforestation
    • Why do we need to destroy our environment to make room for a car park, a shopping centre, land to build houses?
  • Food
    • We have access to healthy food, but why do people choose McDonalds over a piece of fruit?  Yes I know McDonalds tastes great, but it’s like saying “Would you rather yum or cardiovascular disease?”
  • Health
    • We have access to hospitals and doctors, but why do we still refuse to see a doctor when we’re sick. It’s cool to be all tough and strong guys, but it’s like saying “Would you rather be living or on your death bed, because I forgot to see a doctor the other day?”
  • Plastic bags
    • Why do we have plastic bags in the ocean?
  • Rubbish
    • Why is half of our rubbish dumped in the ocean, killing lots of harmless animals?
  • Catalogues
    • Why do we have so many of them, even though half the time they’re thrown away?
  • Animal testing
    • Why do we test harmful products (e.g. cosmetics) on animals?
  • Vaccinations
    • Why do we offer vaccinations and mothers find it more harmful on their child, when it could prevent them from a life threatening illness?
  • Alcohol
    • Yes alcohol can be fun, but why do bars still continue to sell it to intoxicated people?
  • Cigarettes
    • Why do we still buy cigarettes when we know how harmful they are to our body?


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