Pestilence script

A is for Anthrax

B is for Bubonic plague

C is for Cancer

D is for Dysentery

I pity your poor souls ruined by your incompetent mistakes.  That’s the reason why you’re here is it not?

Patient number 452: diagnosed with Nature deficit disorder – being less exposed to the environment resulting in a wide range of behavioural problems. Poor girl, being holed up in her pig-styled room, watching haphazard things on the internet; spending all night looking at Facebook and other garbage, hours upon hours reading how terrible life is, how delicious some food were and other nonsense that she lost her relationship with nature.

Patient number 453: Mysophobia – a pathological fear of contamination and germs. She avoid everyone like the plague, she thought everyone was unclean, disgusting.  The only place she detested the most was nature. All of the dirt laying on the ground, trying to touch her and the people there; contaminated with filth and germs, that she shut everyone out. She was petrified of the thought: all the germs and grime reaching out to touch her, and take her away.

Patient number 454: Adjustment disorder – occurs when an individual cannot adjust or cope with a particular stressor, like a major life event. She believed climate change was real; always supported her belief. But when she voiced her opinion, everyone hated her. She felt like the whole world shunned her; she looked, for someone who was on her side, who knew that climate change was real… but there was no one. She couldn’t keep up with the pressure, the feeling of despair… that’s when she snapped

A is for Antibiotics

B is for Benzodiazepines (ben-zoh-die-az-uh-peens)

C is for Chemo

D is for Death


Famine scene scripting

Famine is an increasing problem for many parts of South Africa. More than half a million people suffer from malnutrition in South Africa. At least 700 children under 5 die each day from malnutrition. By next year, aproximately 900,000 children could die from famine. UNICEF’s immediate goal is to treat more than 150,000 severely malnourished children under five. It’s not just a famine from food though… What happens when you lose faith? Lose touch with society? If we feel like there isn’t any point for us. We feel like if we just leave, no one will remember who we were, or why we were here. What even is our purpose on this earth. Why are we here?

Whilst saying this speech, Maddy, Rebecca and Jonika starts to walk around looking confused and lost, gradually building to a climax, when they all start running franticly around me.

If we just stop everything.

On “stop”, everyone freezes around me, staring into space.

So we can sit back and watch our lives pass by us. Will anyone ever stop to remember.

 It’s up to us to change this growing disaster, not the rest of the world. Don’t let famine take control. 

– Bridget



Updated to do list

–          Memorise ALL line

–          Script Bec’s “war” scene

–          Script and block “waste” scene (maybe)

–          Script and block “Famine” scene


–          Go over robe transitions

–          Review slideshow

–          Correct, edit and time any music and add cues for Gabby Stokes in the lighting box

–          Go over EVERY stunt/trick/slip and safe proof it

–          Go over stimulus and check we have ticked every single box for the requirements.

__ Maddy